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Leadership et Coaching Interculturel

Prochaine session

6 au 8 décembre 2017

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Ce séminaire se donnera en français.

La présentation en français sera prochainement disponible.

Advanced international seminar for executives, HR/LD professionals, executive coaches, consultants and interculturalists eager to leverage cultural differences and achieve sustainable high performance.

Certification COF (Cultural Orientations Framework - Tableau des Orientations Culturelles).

With Philippe Rosinski, MCC, global coaching pioneer and winner of the Global Training & Development Leadership Award, World HRD Congress 2017.


You will learn to effectively deal with cultural differences of all kinds, and you will discover how to go beyond personal and collective cultural limitations for increased creativity, fulfillment and success!

"One of the particular advantages of cognitive diversity is that it promotes two things that institutions need: creativity and innovation." Cass Sunstein, Harvard University Professor

Advanced and interactive three-day seminar to master intercultural leadership and coaching, combining theory, role-plays, case studies, group activities, self and peer coaching.

Based on his pioneering book Coaching Across Cultures, published in ten languages and chosen by the Harvard Business School as its featured book recommendation for business leaders, Philippe Rosinski partners with Dina Zavrski-Makaric to deliver the three-day seminar, already acclaimed around the world.

"By integrating effective coaching practices with intercultural know-how and sensibilities, Philippe Rosinski's Coaching Across Cultures will serve personal and executive coaching practitioners from around the world for many years to come. Articulate, insightful, eminently practical, and fuelled by his rich experience and deep humanity, Rosinski, moreover, convincingly makes the case for linking our personal and organizational goals with those of our communities and our planet as a whole. He makes, thereby, a much needed contribution to helping us think and act systemically – globally and locally." "Fountain of Life", I Mestrovic, Zagreb, Croatia Michael H. Hoppe, PhD, Center for Creative Leadership


  • Highest Standard and ICF Accreditation: LCAC seminar is aligned with the highest global coaching standards and is ICF accredited with 15.15 CCE hours (Core Competencies 10, Resource Development 5.15).

  • World-class Experience: Philippe Rosinski, a bestselling author and world authority on coaching global leaders, brings you the latest in knowledge and experience.

  • Strong Success Record: LCAC seminar has been delivered for 12 successive years around the world including London, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Oxford, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels and Sydney, winning wide acclaim from participants.

  • Alumni Network: Upon completion of the seminar you will be invited to join a group of over 300 LCAC alumni for ongoing learning, support and networking.

  • Certification: You will be certified to administer COF Assessment, invaluable tool in developing of individuals, teams and organizations.


  • Preferred choice for many users:
    "We selected Rosinski's COF as a conceptual framework and primary assessment tool for several reasons (cultural categories transcend typical categorization, team profile can be utilized for future initiatives, cost effectiveness…). Other models were considered, however the COF framework seemed particularly designed for coaches to have coaching conversations that facilitate leveraging cultural differences and creating new possibilities." Dr C Carr, PCC and L Seto, PCC (Canada), International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

  • Reference in many books and articles: The COF model has been described in the books Coaching Across Cultures, which integrated coaching and interculturalism for the first time and has been published in 10 languages, and in Global Coaching. Both books have been praised by Harvard University. Appears also in Evidence Based Coaching Handbook, Excellence in Coaching, The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching, The Coaching Relationship, 52 Activities for Successful International Relocation, Positive Psychology in Coaching, Best Practice in Performance Coaching, The Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring, and more.

  • Different scope from traditional intercultural assessment tools: While still allowing comparison of individual profile with various national cultures, the COF assessment has a much broader scope. The COF assessment aims at helping individuals grow by learning from cultural differences of various kinds. Culture here consists of all the characteristics we have acquired along the way, by interacting with various groups of people and being part of different cultural groups (family, generation, profession, company, country, religion, etc.). The COF assessment can be viewed as an equivalent, at the cultural level, to a personality assessment such as the MBTI.

  • Multidimensional and flexible: With its 17 dimensions (more can be added on a custom basis), the COF allows us to become aware of our inevitable biases (e.g., how we communicate, think, manage time, organize ourselves, deal with power and responsibility), and to go beyond potentially limiting norms, values and beliefs. The COF allows discovery of new options to increase versatility, creativity and effectiveness. Its underlying dynamic and inclusive view of culture, enables us to build unity in diversity by leveraging cultural differences.

The COF certification will allow you to take advantage of a completely new version of the COF assessment (currently in preparation): new design, new features, enhanced version!


  • 1. Learn how to release full potential in individuals that enables greater and sustainable success by making the most of alternative perspectives.

  • 2. Acquire skills that transcend cultural norms, values and beliefs when leading a diverse workforce or coaching clients.

  • 3. Discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex and multidimensional challenges.

  • 4. Gain deeper levels of self-awareness and personal fulfilment while enhancing positive impact on others.

  • 5. Maximize opportunities from diversity and achieve superior results for your organization.

  • 6. Gain professional advantage by becoming certified to use and administer the COF online assessment with individuals, teams and organizations.



Theoretical Foundations :

  • How to address complex leadership and coaching challenges in today's interconnected and turbulent environment.
  • How to lead and coach to achieve sustainable and meaningful success.
  • Novel, inclusive and dynamic understanding of culture.
  • Attitudes towards cultural differences, from ethnocentrism to leveraging cultural diversity.
  • How to decipher cultural differences and identify new growth opportunities outside one's comfort zone and through the synthesis of differences (COFTM).

Activities :

  • Inductive activity to explore cultures and how they affect your leadership or coaching style.
  • Analysis of complex challenges by (re) connecting with cultural wisdom and discovering lessons from others.
  • Debrief of the COF™ online questionnaire (individual and aggregate), and discussion of strengths and opportunities for progress.
  • Action-learning project to engage in a Diverse Team development (over three days).


Theoretical Foundations :

  • Identify own cultural orientations as well as those of others and master effective interventions in bridging cultural gaps.
  • Leveraging differences for greater impact.
  • Development of leaders, teams and organizations.
  • Support organizations through alliances and M&As.

Activities :

  • Role-play challenging scenarios and practice and exchange developmental feedback.
  • Experiential activities that highlight inevitable cultural biases and learn skills to go beyond present cultural limitations.
  • Case study ‘A cross-border merger': individual and teamwork exercise.


Theoretical Foundations :

  • Global Coaching Process for leadership and coaching - three-step process to facilitate a high performance and a high ulfilment journey with individuals and teams.
  • Global Scorecard: Learn to set objectives that promote business success while encouraging self-care, nurture relationships, and serve society at large.
  • Art and practice of leading and coaching across cultures.
  • Leading and coaching from multiple perspectives: physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual.
  • Unity in diversity: Möbius strip model.

Activities :

  • Action learning project presentations: findings and discussion.
  • Case study (a complex case of individual coaching): discuss own approach and a multiple-perspectives model for unleashing new growth opportunities.
  • Self-assessment and becoming familiar with goal setting process enabling global success.
  • Peer-coaching and integration of insights and feedback gained during the seminar.
  • Celebration, sharing and connecting for ongoing support on the journey ahead.


Professionals from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, the United States, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Australia, China, India and others about the seminar:

Lightness in bringing in a massive content...
You touched people's brains, hearts and their lives in fact.

Thank you for an unforgettable seminar.
It was worth every minute.

I appreciated the dialogue/discussions, information sharing, and variety of exercises. I learnt different perspectives on how to coach, and am now able to implement some of the cross-cultural coaching techniques with my clients.

Strong theoretical as well as practical experience...
The Cultural Orientations Framework is a very useful model...

Have a much better understanding of how teams can work together, some derailers and ways to leverage the differences in a successful way.

I learnt more about my own style
and how to leverage my existing experience in real life.

I appreciated valuable feedback and perspectives, the opportunity to bring the concept of being a global coach alive, something new and relevant in coaching...

Animé par Philippe Rosinski, MCC et fondateur de Rosinski and Company

Philippe Rosinski Le séminaire est assuré par Philippe Rosinski, fondateur de Rosinski & Company, un réseau international de dévelopement des compétences des managers, des équipes et des organisations. Auteur de "Le Coaching interculturel" et de "Global Coaching", Master of Science de l'Université de Stanford, il est professeur à la Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business à Tokyo ainsi qu'à Prague. Il est le premier Européen à avoir été désigné Master Certified Coach par l'International Coach Federation et est considéré comme pionnier d'une approche globale du coaching. Il est l'auteur du COF (Cultural Orientations Framework) un outil d'évaluation pour les individus, les équipes et les organisations.

Philippe Rosinski : Le coaching Interculturel Les participants recevront un exemplaire gratuit du livre de Philippe Rosinski : Le coaching Interculturel. Plus d'informations sur Philippe Rosinski www.philrosinski.com - www.globalcoaching.pro - www.COFassessment.com.

Informations pratiques sur le séminaire Leadership et Coaching Interculturel

Public : Cadres intervenants dans des univers interculturels, Coachs professionnels, Professions de la relation d'aide, Consultants et interculturalistes (nombre limité de personnes).

Animateur : Philippe Rosinski (MCC).

Durée : 3 jours

Dates : 6 au 8 décembre 2017.

Horaire : 9h00 à 18h00

Lieu : Ferme de Froidmont - Chemin du Meunier, 38 - 1330 Rixensart (voir le plan d'accès)

Tarif Alumni : 1350 EUR + TVA (*)
712,50 EUR + TVA après déduction des subsides pour les indépendants et les entreprises bruxelloises éligibles (Infos et Conditions)

Tarif Normal : 1850 EUR + TVA (*)
962,50 EUR + TVA après déduction des subsides pour les indépendants et les entreprises bruxelloises éligibles (Infos et Conditions)

Région de Bruxelles
Bénéficiez d'une réduction de 50% (montant htva) sur ce séminaire via les subsides de la Région de Bruxelles.
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(*) Détail du tarif Alumni : 1275 EUR htva + forfait 75 EUR htva salle/accueil café-thé-boisson/repas de midi/pauses café-thé-boisson

(*) Détail du tarif Normal : 1775 EUR htva + forfait 75 EUR htva salle/accueil café-thé-boisson/repas de midi/pauses café-thé-boisson

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